QlikView Software Price List


QlikView Software Price List

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QlikView Software Price List 

QlikView Client License Pricing
Personal Edition (individual use only) Free
Named User License €1,010 per named user
Document License3 €265 per named user, per document
Concurrent License €10,500 per concurrent user
QlikView Server License Pricing
Enterprise Edition Server €26,250 per server
Small Business Edition Server
(up to 25 named users)
€6,300 per server
Test Servers 50% of server license price
QlikView Publisher4 €15,750 per server (add on to EE Server)
PDF Report Distribution Service €15,750 per server (add on to EE Server)
Connector to SAP NetWeaver® €16,900 per server (add on to EE Server)
Connector to Salesforce.com Free
Connector to Informatica Free
QlikView Extranet Solutions
Extranet Server €12,000 per server
Extranet Server Concurrent License €2,000
Other Products
Information Access Server
(Unlimited public access to one QlikView document)
QlikView Workbench5 €3,150 per server
Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint €3,150 per server
Maintenance and Support
Standard Support 20% of list price

Covali Professional services

1 Day 20 Days 50 Days 100 Days
Project Manager €1,000 €900 €850 €800
Senior Consultant €850 €800 €750 €700
  • Document License allows one named user to access one QlikView document.
  • QlikView Publisher is an add-on to the QlikView Enterprise Edition Server, providing additional data reload, distribution, and management capabilities
  • QlikView Workbench is a visual development add-on to Microsoft Visual Studio® for creating web mash-ups with QlikView

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